Cupcakes And Beer

Bartering! It’s a beautiful thing when people can find others that will use this system. It’s a win win situation. You get to share your natural born talents with others and save your benji’s in the process. I know several people that barter. I love hearing stories of bartering, especially in this economy. It allows the people to find a niche that lets them get what they are going after. One of the most unique bartering stories I’ve heard thus far deals with cupcakes and beer.
My girlfriend’s friend owns a bar, lets call the owner Mack. Many of their friends go there and drink for free, but no one buys Mack a beer. How uncool is that? So my girlfriend has set up a system dealing with cupcakes and beer. She makes an insanely delicious batch of cupcakes, and takes it into the bar with her. Sitting next to the owner she sets up the cupcakes and people can’t help but ask if they can have a cupcake, especially in this cupcake crazed society we live in! They ask for a cupcake and she says, “If you want a cupcake you have to buy Mack a beer”. Freaking genius! The friends end up buying the owner a beer, so the bar makes a sale. Cha-ching! In return the friends get a bomb diggity cupcake for less than a storefront cupcakery, and they also get taught a lesson in manners; which in my opinion you can’t put a price on. My girlfriend also wins because usually she gets bought a beer too, which allows the bar to make a double sale! Everyone walks away happy with a personal gain.
What are your bartering stories? Get involved with some bartering communities and save your benji’s! Start here, and see where the bartering journey will take you!

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