Charm City

Have you ever had the chance to pay it forward? The concept is beautiful! While in Baltimore, Maryland for my daughter’s 5th birthday we had the pleasure of encountering a beautiful soul, while out at my daughter’s birthday lunch. There was an older couple sitting in the booth behind us, and they overheard she was celebrating her 5th birthday. They got up to leave after finishing their lunch and walked to our table. She said to my daughter, “Is today your birthday”? My daughter answered with pure enthusiasm “Yes!”. She then asked, “Are you turning 5?”. Again another enthusiastic “yes mam!”. She looked at me and said, “I have a gift for the birthday girl if you don’t mind”. “Not at all” I replied. She then pulled out a five dollar bill and handed it to my daughter and said, “A dollar for each year”. My husband and I sat their in disbelief! Tears welled up in my eyes because, this lady, a complete stranger just gave my child five dollars for each year of her precious life! Her gesture of kindness penetrated my soul and marked me with the quest to pay it forward. I haven’t run into any newly five year olds out celebrating, but when I do go through the Starbucks drive thru I decide to pay it forward sometimes, by paying for the car behind me. It feels amazing to make a random unexpected act of kindness. I challenge you to do the same, because the feeling you will receive back through your kind act will renew you in a way words can’t describe. Now get out there and make that feeling happen! ❤

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