Crazy Hiney

I’m going to be transparent with you, I can get a little crazy. I’m a stay at home Mom with two little ones. I rarely check out of my role, and push my sanity to limits I didn’t even know I could reach before I had children. My girls are my life. My oldest saved me. She allowed me to learn what love and sacrifice truly is. I remember when my oldest was about 4 weeks old I called my parents bawling my eyes out telling them I was sorry for all the trouble I had ever put them through. I was a zombie that hadn’t showered in only God knows how long. Exhausted, and just surviving Mommyhood. 5 years later I’ve learned even more, except when to allow myself time for…..myself. I push and push and push. When a break is planned sometimes life happens and the break I was mentally clinging to disappears. Just this past week my emotions broke like a collapsed dam. Tears, anger, resentment, sometimes even yelling spilled all over my life. My husband takes the brunt of it. God bless that man for dealing with my crazy hiney, cause Lord have mercy can it get crazy! We sat down on Monday and I told him how I needed help implementing time for myself and making that time happen NO MATTER WHAT! I want to be defensive against my bad emotions. I want to protect my children and husband from this worn out Mommy Monster that comes out. Stay at home Moms don’t get sick days, vacation days, summers off or weekends. It’s the hardest job I’ve EVER had, and no one pays you for it. It’s easy to get lost in the job because you are a team of one most of the time, and you are a multi-tasking machine. Living in a hurricane of spills, whining, deadlines, errands, appointments, fighting, dirty diapers, discipline, educating, cleaning, socializing, being the voice of your child, and worrying about so much. All the above stacks on top of me, and then I become too exhausted for myself. When this happens I begin putting myself off to the side. A kind of “I’ll get to you later” attitude, but no more! I’m ready to step up to the plate and put this crazy hiney to a rest. I will no longer tolerate the crazy hiney that rears her head up every 6 months. I’m stepping up my Mommy game and I’m taking every other Saturday to myself for a few hours, and I’m not feeling guilty about it. I’m excited about my new course, and I hope that if your someone who’s hiney can get a little crazy too, you will make yourself a priority and become the best you can be.

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