Friends, Food, Fun, & Fire

Growing up in the country, a party wasn’t perfect unless it ended with a bonfire after the sun went down. Last night, those reminiscent scents of a bonfire happened. I love sitting around a great fire with friends and laughter. All of us were free from our kids and could just enjoy some great adult company. Sharing stories of our glory days created a bond that that will go into the memory bank under the file: “a great party”. Topics spanned from past to present, humor to fear, and a little religion even got sprinkled on top. It was a few hours where we were all able to just exhale and enjoy the company. Making time for relationships is so important in a world full of busyness. Seeing all the smiling faces lit up by the glow of the embers made me feel utterly blessed. I adore the friendships that my family has made, and I’m thankful for our support network. Remember to keep up with those that mean something, no matter how near or far. In the age of technology there are too many ways to reach out and virtually touch someone. Filling up the gas tank to drive hundreds of miles for a visit, isn’t always in the budget, but tools such as FaceTime , Red Stamp, or just prioritizing a get together is what makes life grand. As humans we need relationships. These relations can help form us to greatness or take us to dark places. That’s why the ole saying, “choose your friends wisely” is detrimental to anyone’s path in life. So, today prioritize a method of communication to someone that’s been on your mind, and benefit from the kinship.

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