End Of Year Teacher Gifts

I was room Mom again for both my kiddos this year. I decided to recreate some ideas I found on Pinterest. I loved the summer theme, but I wanted to add some adult fun to the mix, which is why I added the Piña Colada pouch. Teachers deserve it right?! So I went cheap,themed it with summertime, and added a little fun (ie: the alcohol). The pails came from the Dollar Tree, so they were $1.00 each. The rest of the items came from H.E.B., my grocery store. The towels were $5.00 a piece, Keratin hair masks were a $1.99 each, Daily’s frozen pouches were $1.79 each, nail polishes were $2.00 a piece, Hershey bar was $.69 per candy bar, Real Simple magazine was $4.99 a piece minus $.75 each with a coupon I had; brought the price down to $4.24 per magazine, and the nail polish was $1.99 each. So basically per teacher each class spent $17.20. Each student brought $3.00 to class and viola, end of year gift was done….and the teachers LOVED it! I had made a budget and gift plan at the beginning of the year, so my parents knew what was in store for the year. It’s always a good idea to make a budget for the class instead of surprising the parents with what they owe.




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