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“Help Me Be A Good Momma Today”

Came up with a lil diddy today when the kiddos were a bit challenging….lol. Making up songs keeps me sane!!

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Reuse Those Mylar Balloons!

Soooooo I love love love Mylar balloons at parties I throw, BUT they can be a chunk of an expense for a party! The last party I threw, I wondered if there was a way to reuse or even resell the balloons after each party. So, I had an idea…. here’s the video:

I’ll be keeping the balloons for next year for REUSE, and I’ll be SELLING all the party decor on eBay! Saving benji’s in the future and making back benji’s in the present!! Love it!



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Scavenger Hunt

I decided to do a summer activity with the girls I had mentioned previously in a post. Had a blast!! Highly recommended AND we killed an hour having good ole FUN!!





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Less Stress


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Random Internet Find

So, I randomly came across this video about a “Superhydrophobic Finger”, and I just love anything Science oriented, sooooo I had to press play. After watching the 40 something second clip my mind started wondering, what the heck is this? Is it a coating or a condition?! So, then I decided to make another step in the research process and found this company NeverWet. Talk about the definition of waterproof! So, to answer my question it’s definitely a coating; and a coating I’d like to use on my outside patio furniture! Especially since I live in humidity that’s so thick, you literally feel like your breathing in the cloud itself!

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People Are Awesome 2013

This proves how awesome we can be!!

Photo From:

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My National Geographic Moment

This shiz blew my mind!! I have NEVER seen some bugs moving around like this in a huge group ever! Mother Nature freaking ROCKS!! #SaveOurPlanet

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Multitasking Like A Champ


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I Could’ve Eaten Them All




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Adventures Away!!

Love these low cost adventures!!
My top 3:
1) scavenger hunt
2) oddball museum or factory
3) national parks
Decide what your next adventure could be.Read here:

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