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“Strapped for Time? 4 Quirky Ways You Can Find Time to Leverage Social Media”

I completely heart all this information in Rohan Ayyar’s article.. The applications he mentions are amazing when it comes to leveraging time. I personally will be downloading IFTTT and Buffer to better my online skills! Enjoy this read….it’s a good one!!!!

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Feed 4 For $10.00

Feed 4 for 10?! I’m in!!! There are 103 different recipes for budget cooking!! Love it! Save your Benji’s and cook!! Check them out now!


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Tax Deductions in Plain English

Please go here and check out this definitive guide, for all sorts of deductions. These types of deductions can be game changers for some during tax season. Can you find any new deductions for your life?


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45 Min Meal

This spice packet from McCormick gives chicken and potatoes a whole new meaning.

I used:
Boneless skinless chicken
Red potatoes
Baby carrots
Olive oil
McCormick spice pack

After 45 min in the oven at 425 it came out looking like this and smelled AMAZING!!

I highly recommend this meal if you are trying to save your benji’s and cook. Taste delicious and it allowed us to have leftovers. Using the leftover carrots and potatoes in a ham dish tonight!

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Since It Started Raining

It started raining and I decided to do a craft with the kids. I chose to make a bird feeder. It’s repurposeful, great for the planet, feeds the birds, and its cheap!
I used:
Peanut Butter: for spreading on the roll to make the birdseed stick
Birdseed: to sprinkle on the peanut buttered roll
Ribbon: to thread through holes on each side of roll to create a way to hang your bird feeder.
Scissors: to cut holes on each side of roll BEFORE smothering on the peanut butter.
Paper towel roll cut in two







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We Did It!!

Yard Stenciling was FUN!! I was able to use and reuse everything on hand….saving benji’s! We had about an hour of free fun stenciling the backyard! Then it started raining, but we will definitely be doing that again!!
I repurposed a cereal box for two large stencils.
Drew a heart and a star and cut them out.
You will need flour and a spray bottle with water, so that you can spray the grass with water to make the flour stick. We used the already wet ground from the morning dew.
Then sprinkle the flour in the stencil.
Take your stencils outside and enjoy!













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No Cost Summer Boredom Busters

This Momma from: For The Love Of Shorties, has got it going on with the boredom buster ideas for summer!! I adore her “Camp Mom” theme, and her ideas!! Check them out here!!! My girls and I will definitely be implementing some of these ideas into our day TODAY! Ideas I’m going to use are…… Ice cream in a bag, Park Week, lawn art ( here’s a link to the Pink and Green Momma’s blog that will show you how), play photographer/videographer, and story time in a unique place. So far we’ve had a great frugal summer! We’ve run through sprinklers, shot off fireworks, baked yummy treats, had waterpaloozas in the backyard, done play dates, been to the museums, gone to the movies, taken tractor rides, gotten drenched at the splash pads, had scavenger hunts, made playdough, been to bounce houses, gone to the library, taken walks, played soccer, eaten snoballs, visited grandparents, watched parades, attend free yoga at our YMCA, swim in the pool, attended birthday parties, and rested! All entertainment decisions have been uncostly and fun!! I didn’t sign anyone up for camps to save money. I’ve been allowing myself to be a kid again and we are just having fun 😉


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“You Forgot the Bluberries”

I’m not gonna lie…. I fast forwarded the lil video to 1:00….get ready to catch your breath and laugh!

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“A Stroke of Insight”

I watched this TED talk from Jill Bolte about three years ago and it still stays with me. Her presentation is mind blowing and motivational. Along with Ms.Bolte there are a few other speakers that are AMAZING to listen to as well. They speak to change the listener’s life. Take a few moments and watch!


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Economy Teacher’s Wisest Words

Found this really cool list that a supposed student kept from their Economy teacher. There is some fantastic wisdom to be shared with you HERE!!!!!

Some of my favs are:
#18 All guns are loaded
#9 Don’t dumb it down
#85 Don’t litter
#75 Keep your word
#93 Your never too old to need your Mom
#59 Thank the bus driver

There are so many more to share! Enjoy!!

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