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Play Nice Today!!!


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Happy Thanksgiving








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Thanksgiving Dirt Cake

I have always wanted to make a dirt cake because I love Oreos and so do the kiddos. I wanted to incorporate a Thanksgiving theme into the cake! I envisioned turkeys on the top of the “dirt” eating worms. I was kinda stressing about how I was going to make these turkeys because I am not a food artist…lol. Then I thought to myself, I wonder if there is a site that has free printables that I could find and print off some turkeys. Well that’s just what I found!!! You can check out the site for yourself. Here’s a picture of the one I printed


The recipe I ended up choosing from online came from Taste of Home. It was simple and yummy! If you haven’t made a “Dirt Cake” yet I highly recommend it! They are fun and delish!


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One Holiday At A Time


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Ice Cream Cake!!!

Oh my, how interesting this was to make. Thank goodness my husband loves me unconditionally because this cake was sooooo not perfect! It will be a great write up for you first timers, of what NOT to do 😉 Ok, so my hubby’s favorite ice cream is Bluebell’s Mint Chocolate Chip. With that being said, I knew he would want this ice cream incorporated into his ice cream birthday cake. His other favorite flavor is chocolate, so that’s what I needed my cake flavor to be. Here’s what I did.

First I made the ice cream mold. I lined the pan with wax paper to make removing the mold easier. We scooped the ice cream into our pan and patted it down. We ended up using too much ice cream, so the mold was too high. If I was going to do it again, I’d have the ice cream at an inch high and then add more if desired. Once our ice cream was scooped out we added chocolate sauce and crumbled Andes mints to the top.



I used what you see in the image below to make the cake:


Just follow the directions on the box or use what your cake recipe calls for. After the cake cooled it was time to put the ice cream on top of the cake. In the picture you can tell the ice cream is way too high; but hey, it’s the thought that counted. 😉


Once the ice cream was set on top of the cake we covered the cake in cool whip and added sprinkles and more crumbled Andes mints. It’s pretty dang hideous looking, but we all agreed it was yummy!!!!


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What’s In Your Kit?

I carry around a small zipper pouch in my purse as an emergency kit for my kiddos. I wanted to share the goodies inside because I can’t tell you how many times either my kids, my kids friends, or a random kid on an airplane has needed something from it. There are three items missing from the pouch that need to be replaced… (I just keep forgetting when I’m at the store 😣). 1) travel size bug spray, 2) liquid Benadryl, and 3) a pain reliever of some kind. Hope this post helps add a little ease to your parenting career . Oh! The red circular thing pops out into a fan….great thing to have on hand in Texas 😊


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Shake Up The Pink Aisle

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Experience, Don’t Destroy


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The Gray

I’ve been going gray for about a year now. Ha! Gray….more like white! Some of my hair strands look straight up like Rogue’s hair from X-Men. Any-who, I naturally blamed this age process on my kids. I mean who else could be blamed for turning my hair white other than them!

Then I decided to become responsible with my question and look it up. Thank goodness for this lovely article from Kids Health! It’s short, sweet, and to the point; and now I know it’s my Dad and Mom’s fault instead of my little darlings 😉

I learned that genetics will start the graying process, but then the rest is up to me, to keep the graying off the fast track. Another reason to live as stress free as possible, so these guys don’t take over too fast 😉

There were two other articles I read as well over this process. So, if you really want to get educated, here’s what The Library of Congress site says, and another one from Sometimes it’s nice to just freshen up on some science knowledge….ya dig?

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In honor of Movember…..

Check out the “why” here, behind some of the ‘staches you see.
It truly is a great cause and if I could I WOULD!!!
What do you think….. handle bars instead?


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