The Gray

I’ve been going gray for about a year now. Ha! Gray….more like white! Some of my hair strands look straight up like Rogue’s hair from X-Men. Any-who, I naturally blamed this age process on my kids. I mean who else could be blamed for turning my hair white other than them!

Then I decided to become responsible with my question and look it up. Thank goodness for this lovely article from Kids Health! It’s short, sweet, and to the point; and now I know it’s my Dad and Mom’s fault instead of my little darlings 😉

I learned that genetics will start the graying process, but then the rest is up to me, to keep the graying off the fast track. Another reason to live as stress free as possible, so these guys don’t take over too fast 😉

There were two other articles I read as well over this process. So, if you really want to get educated, here’s what The Library of Congress site says, and another one from Sometimes it’s nice to just freshen up on some science knowledge….ya dig?

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