Ice Cream Cake!!!

Oh my, how interesting this was to make. Thank goodness my husband loves me unconditionally because this cake was sooooo not perfect! It will be a great write up for you first timers, of what NOT to do 😉 Ok, so my hubby’s favorite ice cream is Bluebell’s Mint Chocolate Chip. With that being said, I knew he would want this ice cream incorporated into his ice cream birthday cake. His other favorite flavor is chocolate, so that’s what I needed my cake flavor to be. Here’s what I did.

First I made the ice cream mold. I lined the pan with wax paper to make removing the mold easier. We scooped the ice cream into our pan and patted it down. We ended up using too much ice cream, so the mold was too high. If I was going to do it again, I’d have the ice cream at an inch high and then add more if desired. Once our ice cream was scooped out we added chocolate sauce and crumbled Andes mints to the top.



I used what you see in the image below to make the cake:


Just follow the directions on the box or use what your cake recipe calls for. After the cake cooled it was time to put the ice cream on top of the cake. In the picture you can tell the ice cream is way too high; but hey, it’s the thought that counted. 😉


Once the ice cream was set on top of the cake we covered the cake in cool whip and added sprinkles and more crumbled Andes mints. It’s pretty dang hideous looking, but we all agreed it was yummy!!!!


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