Makin’ Babies

This project is cheap, fun, and easy. Plus the kids love it!! We do this fun lil diddy around Christmas to make a baby Jesus. All you need is:
1. Rice
2. Sock
3. Suntan colored knee high
4. Rubber bands
5. Sharpies
6. Dishcloth
7. Twine/ribbon (optional)
8. Tiny rubber bands (optional)
First fill the sock with rice TOE DOWN. Fill the sock up with rice until the “foot part” of the sock meets the “ankle part”.

Now you need to tie a knot. Next get a sharpie and draw a face on your rice baby. Grab a knee high and insert the rice filled sock TOE DOWN into the knee high. This will give the sock a flesh tone effect. Now make a “head” for the rice baby and rubber band the doll at the neck area. Next grab the scissors and cut off the material at the bottom of the sock. Cut off the material a little past the knot. Once you are done cutting, take the sock material and turn it into a hat for the rice baby. You can grab a tiny rubber band and rubber band the tip of the leftover sock to give it the look of a tiny beanie. Next take a washcloth and use that as a blankie for the doll. A piece of ribbon/yarn can be used to tie the washcloth together! Enjoy!!!












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