Deals Make Me Giddy!!!

I took a trip to Lubbock a few months ago to go visit my BFF and old college; while I was there I spotted a pair of boots that caught my eye. I knew just from looking at them they were out of Mrs. Saving Benji’s price range, so I just chalked it up and moved on. After Christmas I had decided to sell some items on EBay, and while I was online I decided to try and find these boots I had seen 2 months prior. Well! I found them alright, and they were out of my price range. So, I decided to check out EBay! I mean why not?!! I’m at the point in my life I’m not above buying used because I don’t NEED everything new. Plus, it’s a great feeling to save and reallocate our Benji’s to greater financial stability. I searched EBay and what do you know?!!! I found a pair in my size for a steal!! I knew I wanted them; but I didn’t want to take it out of checking. I wanted to save harder! I decided to look in my closet to see what I could sell to cover the cost of the used boots PLUS the shipping! I decided on a pair of Uggs to sell that I never wear. I sold those puppies in a day for the exact amount I needed to purchase my “new” used boots ☺️. I was so excited and proud of myself!! My boots came in yesterday; and I couldn’t be happier. As the ole saying goes: One man’s “trash” is another man’s treasure.



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