It Comes In Threes

What is up with the whole, “it comes in threes” thing? It’s like a mystery of the universe or something! We just hit this phenomenon head on this weekend. It was our car, our refrigerator, and our fence line; all broke 😣. The end result for each example is to replace each one! Whew!!! That’s a lot of dough for the Saving Benji house! Money is stressful; and when you have to pay a large amount at once unexpectedly, it can be even more stressful! Thankfully though; we have an emergency savings that is saving our tails. So, during this trial I am definitely thanking the Lord for that blessing. Now, I do have to admit something about myself. The new car that we are going to buy isn’t a new car; it used, and the fridge won’t be at the top of the line, and the fence won’t be stunning; and yes their is an area in me that wants new. I do struggle with this arena in my mind, because new is sooooo shiny and exciting! On the flip side; what’s nice about buying the used car, the not stunning fence, and not the “top of the line” fridge is that we will pay in cash (according to our budget), and have zero payments; which I love!!!!!! Freedom!!!!! By lowering our emergency fund to cover costs, this will mean a strict budget plan to rebuild our family’s emergency fund. This entails Sunday night budget meetings, meal planning, and not spending too much money on the materialism side of life. This is good though. It allows us to be disciplined, in control of our cash flow, AND accomplish a goal; which allows our family to feel empowered!! So, if your able, try and start an emergency fund. Make sacrifices and sometimes choose to go without what everyone else has and bank those Benjamin’s! Ya never know when you will get caught up in a whirlwind of expenditures.


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