Our New Used

Soooooo, buying a car can really suck a donkey.  The car sales people remind me of crows sitting on a power line; and their pick up lines….holy cow-a-bunga. Pulling into the lot I immediately feel like someone is going to try and take advantage of me. Once parked in the lot it’s time to confront the decision to open my car door in order to check out the inventory. Once I make the decision to open my car door, I do it as a team (if your team is with you), and we prepare for the flock of crows that will rain down upon us. Once a sales person “claims” you; the “getting to know you” phase tries to begin. Joy. With children on board during this journey I noticed each salesperson locked into my children in order to warm up the social temperature…..awkward!! Question’s ranged from “How old is she?” to “Was Santa good to you this year?”. I couldn’t help but ask (inside my head)….Why do you care what my kid got for Christmas? We aren’t best friends meeting up for lunch. Her Santa loot has nothing to do with the adults trying to buy a car. I just wanted to shout; “Stop being weird, find me my freaking car, and tell the other crows to stop circling!!!!!”. Then I realized; your here so let’s have fun with this situation. So what did I decide to do?! Put on some lipstick and take a Xanax of course!!! In reality though; we decided to herd our kids around multiple car lots; and I tried to not choke on my hair due to 80 mph wind gusts. (Both were quite comical to be a part of.) We remembered sometimes the best thing to do within stress is just laugh and find a little peace. We stayed our course of looking at cars within our cash budget and we focused on being a strong team to make that happen. It was definitely a process that had moments of being absolutely agonizing and beautifully brutal; but we stayed our financial course and in the end we were rewarded. I’m glad the process is over and I’m definitely liking the fact that we bought a car and we have zero payments to make. Go team Saving Benji!!!



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