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Yes we can!!! 💚💪💚

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Busy Mom Solutions

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Speed Demon

For the record I’m a recovering speed demon…… which is why I recently hit a wall of reasoning when I went and had a night out with one of my long time best friends.  Being a stay at home Mom and a Mom that home schools I need breaks; and her house is where I escape to. She’s known me forever and our love runs deep; which is why it was so easy for her to ask the question that began this emotional domino effect within my spirit.  The question was: “Do you want me to get the back?”.  I was straightening my hair in her bathroom getting ready to leave.  That question penetrated me so deeply on an emotional level.  I had one side within me that wanted to speak up and say, “No I got it”.  Then the other side of me raised up and said, “Hold on sister… you are going to let your best friend do your hair because she loves you enough to recognize that you need the offer”.  So I said yes, I let her finish straightening my hair and it was glorious!  The offer she gave me was so impactful because I need to slowdown within many layers of my life….including straightening my hair.  I go so fast I get lost… literally lost.  Soooo lost in my own chaos of “life with little ones while trying to get real world shiz accomplished”  I forget to take care of me.  Slowing down is a habit I really want to implement within my life.  In order to slow down I need to stop feeling like I should accomplish this “superhero list of things to get done” I create for myself daily.  I’m not a friggin’ superhero.  I’m human.  I don’t even know how I got so sped up and thought I could constantly take on everything.  Then this little revelation in my brain occurred.  Knocking out day-to-day life activities with small kids is nuts; and that’s what I do daily.  As a Mom we try to squeeze in as much as we can in a 24 minute time window of Jake and The Neverland Pirates (or whatever your kid’s poison may be).  And let me just say….sometimes that’s more than some people can accomplish in a 24 hour period.  No lie.  My point is, that behavior bled into other areas and take off occurred.  I’m thinking I need to also have a chat with the ‘ole over achiever that lives inside of me.  I need to tell that girl to calm down.  Since the moment in time with my bestie doing my hair, I have started recognizing areas of speed existing in my life.  For example walking in a grocery store.  I’m driving that grocery cart like I’m a driver in the Indy 500.  I even notice how I use really fast force to open and shut doors….why?  I guess I’m in a hurry!  I think being in a hurry became a habit.  I habitually became a hurrier because I always have so much to do that I’m cramming everything in that I feel needs to get done.  I do know the solution.  It’s easy…..slow down.  While slowing down I’m also trying to remind myself of what I do accomplish.  I have to tell myself, dude it’s ok if you don’t get everything done on your list; remember you have children constantly swirling around you.  I remind myself to look at the trail I just blazed!!!  I make my over achiever take a chill pill, so she doesn’t drive us off a cliff and I begin slowing down.  My stress levels fall.  Tension lessens and I begin enjoying the details in life.  I don’t want to get lost again.  I always want to protect myself from not losing myself.  Life is too short to go too fast.  So, from now on I want to use speed when only necessary.  What about you…..are you a speed demon? 


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