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Monday Motivation

Another great lecture from TEDx. This psychology professor will ask you 3 questions that will help you figure out if you feel competent at doing worth while work, which will empower your self motivation. He also touches on training and educating people to be success seekers and not failure avoiders. An amazing talk on human behavior and oh so worth it! Get your Monday on the move and listen now! Click here.

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Tasteful Tuesday Presents Copycat Meximelts

I found a yummy Taco Bell recipe without having to go to Taco Bell; which is a huge score for this girl’s digestive system. An amazing blog called Life With The Crust Cut Off will show you delish pics with a step by step process. Check out her recipe here and enjoy!! Save your benji’s and cook!




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Monday Motivation


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While The Hubby Is Sleeping

So…..I figured I’d draw myself an amazing soothing bath; like one to brag on. It’s just been a hell of a day and my body needed it. I put my regular concoction of sea salt, olive oil, and lavender oil in the hot water. Then, I get a genius idea to add a few drops of peppermint oil as well. I turn the tiny bottle of oil over and shake, but I see nothing coming out (at least I thought); so I shake several more times, but this time I watch the water to see if I can see the drops of oil hit the water. I see the oil and water collide and smell the amazing peppermint and my senses are alive and ready to get in the tub. I step in my incredible bathtub and begin to soak while I read. Within minutes I notice the water feels cool; which is odd because I take very hot baths. Then I feel my skin burning, no….freezing, no…..burning. At once I knew what was happening. I put in way too much peppermint oil. I stand up and feel as though I am trapped in an iceberg naked and freezing to death. I begin to panic; but then visualize a gull covered in crude oil and run naked, convulsing, and freezing into the kitchen to get the bottle of Dawn liquid soap. My thought process is….if it gets crude oil off a bird it will get peppermint oil off a human. I get to the kitchen sink and instead of Dawn I see a full bottle of Palmolive. I say a prayer that this stuff is as powerful as Dawn and run naked, convulsing, and freezing back to the bathroom. This time into the shower I go. I literally have the hot water on full blast to help with the hypothermia and shock I’m going into and begin scrubbing my skin with a loofa drowned in Palmolive. I begin scrubbing while laughing at this ridiculous situation I’m in. I ended up scrubbing my entire body five….yes five times with the Palmolive until I could feel relief. Thank God for the creators of that soap because I have no idea what else would of been in my house to help get the oil off! Next time, I will have indefinite confidence in myself that the two drops of peppermint oil came out of the bottle and deem it completely unnecessary to shake the bottle any extra times. The upside to my story is my body, bathroom, and my bedroom smell like a candy cane factory AND my skin has never been this squeaky clean. I can not wait until morning to tell my husband my adventure while he was sleeping.


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