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Feeling the baby kick (There is life in you.)

Your hair grows like a speed demon (You could literally grow your hair like Crystal Gayle.)

That “glow” ( All I can say is MAC’s bronzer ain’t got nothin’ on that glow.)


You get doted on ( if you drop something….someone will pick it up, doors are held open for you, people let you cut in line, AND seats are given up for you.)

Being a vessel for life (ONE of the most important jobs a woman can receive.)

Watching your belly grow (Too cool for school.)


Fingernail growth (You can put fake nails to shame.)

Getting away with rockin’ your hubby’s t-shirts (Seriously one of my top fives. )

Food (Fulfilling a craving is FABULOUS.)

A new kind of sexy (Your body is changing and you might as well roll with it. Time to feel empowered.)

Sonogram appointments (That 20 week profile picture is the bomb!)

Boobs (sorry if I mentioned that already.)

Getting ready for baby (Tiny clothes, nursery colors, gadgets, and baby gizmos.)

Nesting  (You clean and organize like you received a degree in it.  And miss the power once it’s gone.  I have literally thought to myself “maybe I should get knocked up so I can re-organize my kitchen” #truestory )

Baby Shower (It’s an excuse to have a party with your friends!)

Sex Positions (Have fun with it. Laugh about the ones you can’t do any more and explore for new options. In the words of John Mayer “your body is a wonderland”.)

Gender reveal (wether it’s through a sonogram or delivery it’s an awesome moment.)

Picking out a name (Who cares what others think….it’s your baby, you name it.)

Pregnancy massages (I love the hole in the mat that I can put my belly in!! It gives me the opportunity to lay on my stomach without laying on my stomach.)


Headaches, Nausea, Vomiting  (And thats only the beginning.)

Exhaustion  (Even though you are growing life like a superhero, you don’t have the stamina like one.)

Peeing  (It’s always happening.)

Weird hairs popping up in weird places (this seems to happen to me only when pregnant and I have no idea where they go once the baby comes out of my body.  I will say though, I am thankful they disappear.)

Gaining weight  (My pre-pregnancy weight is about a buck thirty so when I become pregnant it’s interesting how my muscles handle the weight gain. P.S. They don’t.  Which is why when I go to sit down on my knees, my calves actually feel like they are going to explode due to the pressure.)

Being out of breath  (going up stairs will make you feel like you have a serious breathing problem even if it is only eight stairs to climb.)


Your growing belly (I seem to whack my belly with corners of walls and opening or shutting doors because my brain hasn’t quite gotten use to the tummy’s expansion.)

Your dying thirst for water (This thirst will hit you like you have been in a desert for 40 days straight.)

Sleeping at night  (You are constrained to only a few positions and you have to pee.)

Back pain  (Self explanatory.)

Sex Drive  (It’s either dead like your roses in the winter or revved up like a teenage boy’s dream.)

Losing sight of your daisy  (some words of wisdom: 1)Do not try to find it with a mirror and 2)Just know it will come back next spring.)


Balance (since your front side is protruding out you have the capability of stumbling like a drunk; so walk with caution.)

Pregnancy Brain (Your IQ will literally drop about 25 points give or take.)

Body Temperature (Your an oven. Enough said.)

Boobs resting on the belly (Such a weird feeling and makes me realize how much my body is actually changing.)

Constipation  (Once again, self explanatory.)

Not being able to lay on your stomach  (This really sucks if you are a stomach sleeper like me.)


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A Confession About My Unborn Son

Writing the words “my son” brings tears to my eyes.  I am a mother of two faith filled, incredible, hilarious, understanding, beautiful, and giving daughters.  They have made me the woman I am today and I will be forever grateful to them for that.   My soul has always yearned for a son as well.  Not only has my selfish flesh reminded me of my want for a boy; society reminds me too.  Whether it’s a complete stranger who sees me with my girls and poses the question, “well you gonna go for a boy?” or if it’s the quips from others reminding me of the expenses and emotional “burdens” girls will put on me.  The combination made me scared to have another girl.  My husband and I decided to have a third child; but only after digging deep within our souls.  We wanted to want a third NOT because we were going for a boy.  But because we wanted another gift from God.  We spent much time in prayer and conversations with one another asking God to purge us of these selfish wants and societal perspectives on girls.  We listened to what God told us to do before we began our journey of conception and took our steps of faith towards our third gift.

This entire timeline is about two years old.  Which proves the patience and guidance we had to gain to get where we currently are.  I am going to fast forward and let you know what happened on a Tuesday because I want to share how awesome God is.  On this Tuesday it was forty eight hours before our sonogram where we could find out if we were having a boy or a girl.  Let me preface by saying we had decided to wait until delivery for the baby’s gender reveal.  People told us that it was an amazing experience and if you have the opportunity, to at least do it once.  I trusted these words and couldn’t deny that it had to be an incredible feeling within the delivery room.  I agreed to do this for the encounter.  But also because I was still privately struggling with the issue of gender and wanting a son.  Even though I thought I had really given this issue over to God, here it was creeping back on me.  As my pregnancy bump grew, the questions from others asking, “so, do you want a boy this time?” was not helping tame the emotions inside me.  I figured that if I waited for delivery I could hold my baby and at that point the issue of gender would just disappear.  So, back to Tuesday….. I was a hot mess and struggling.  I knew I was thinking WAY too much about the boy/girl thing and I was letting the voices of evil creep in.  I should have been focused on God gifting us with a third baby.  Making the gift of new life the center.  I spoke with my husband about my emotions explaining that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wait for delivery anymore.  I told him I may want to find out; but I also didn’t want to loose the experience of the delivery room surprise.  He told me not to worry.  And that we have plenty of time because the sonogram wasn’t until Thursday.  I took his advice and enjoyed my evening with him.  Regardless.  I had to admit.  The root of the emotion wasn’t that I was confused about when to find out – at the sonogram or going through the journey in delivery….it was that I was afraid I was pregnant with another girl.  I feel awful typing thoses words out; but I think there are parents that can relate to this thought process; so I don’t feel too alone.

Wednesday came around and the emotional wave was swelling inside me.  I was hiding my fear of a third girl to the outside.  Even to my husband.  I decided to talk to one of my best friends about my truths and she told me that she and her husband chose to walk out of their sonogram appointment with an envelope in hand that had the gender of their baby.  I thought that was a great idea because even though it sounds like torture.  It was comforting for me to have the knowledge within our grasp.  So, at any point.  If we chose to look at it.  We could.  I spoke to my husband about it and he thought it was a cool idea.  So, that was the plan Wednesday night.  Thursday morning, the day of the sonogram; my soul was tossing and turning.  I woke up at 6 am to get my first born out of bed and ready for school.  I walked into her room and heard Plumb’s song “Lord, I’m Ready Now”.  I realized at that second in time and in space how much I was NOT ready for the truth.  I walked into my daughter’s closet and fell to my knees and wept uncontrollably.  I told God I was so sorry for not being thankful for this gift He had given us in an unconditional manner.  I told Him I needed him to guide me today and to let His voice be heard through this process.  I told Him that I knew He knew what was best for me because He created me.  I asked to have this gender issue removed from me because I didn’t want to think about the topic anymore and I wanted to bring my focus back on Him.  I stood up and decided to go down and find my husband and confess to him that the reason for my emotional state was not confusion.  But fear.

I was afraid of not receiving a son.  My husband hugged me and told me he loved me and that whatever that baby is, it is exactly what God wants for us.  He even told me that he wanted a son too.  But he also knew God’s will was the most important because it is what is best.  I felt more calm and at ease and just decided to let God handle the day from that moment forward.  I got our girls off to school and decided to stop by church before the appointment to have some alone time.  I walked inside the sanctuary and sat on that pew and poured my heart out again asking for strength, forgiveness, and guidance.  Driving to the appointment I felt emotional.  But I felt it in a secure way.  I knew God had me.  And He was driving the day.  I remember sitting next to my husband waiting to hear my name called.  The whole time I was talking to God.  Just asking Him to keep guiding us and for me to hear His voice.  Then….I heard my name called.  We head to the sonogram room and I hop up on the table.  The tech tells me that she is going to check my cervix first.  She put the transducer on my abdomen and we see an image for about three to five seconds that burst our hearts wide open.  We saw a boy.  She pulled the transducer back up quickly.  But my husband and I knew what we saw.  She asked if we wanted to know what the gender was because she was aware of the image that just flashed on the screen as well.  Of course we said yes because we already knew!  She put the transducer back down and there he was….our son.  Laying on his back, sucking on his fingers, legs spread wide with his man parts showing.  My husband and I started crying and hugging so hard that the tech started crying with us.  The song “Our God Is An Awesome God” started playing on the tech’s radio.  It was a gentle and powerful reminder that God brought us to that moment and the entire process belonged to Him.

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Why Car Rides Rock

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If You Want Green Grass Then Water It!

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Life Lessons

John Wayne Rocks

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An Aesop’s Fable

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Paying It Forward

I saw an interesting post the other day about some thoughts on receiving a gift of a paid order, while in the Starbucks drive thru. The majority thought it was a pointless idea and if you are going to give; it needed to be to a charity or the homeless. Some thought it was the rich giving to the rich. One thought was even based on a great point; which was, what if your buying the coffee for a serial killer and you have no idea. There was also discussion of guilt that was brought up; meaning when their order was paid for they felt like they had to pay for the order behind them. These thought processes have really great points and made me realize there are probably way more than these 20 something people that felt the same way. Since I was definitely the minority in the thread I wanted to broaden my perspective on the Starbucks drive thru giving process.

1. Let’s look at it with positive intent. It’s a random act of kindness; so be thankful and roll with it…..literally; roll right out the drive thru with your free order.

2. Do NOT feel angry that your order was just paid for and feel like you HAVE to pay for the person behind you. You have options.
A) take the gift and have a great day.
B) pay for the person behind you; meaning the partial order or the full order.
C) pay the random act of kindness back in a different way; which in my opinion is where this ripple effect can get cool.

3. Take charge of your opportunity to now pay it forward (here’s the cool part). Instead of buying the person behind you coffee you can do some of these examples
A) send a random text of encouragement to a friend.
B) hold open a door for someone.
C) if you see someone drop something go to pick it up.
D) if your in a parking lot and see a piece of trash blowing in the wind pick it up and throw it away.
E) donate your time and or money to a charity your passionate about.
F) put a card in the mail to a friend or family member.
G) if you see someone struggling help them.
H) make grace bags for the homeless.
I) take a sick friend supper.

The sky is the limit. The point of the exercise is to ignite an area within you that sparks a want to pay it forward. You don’t have to repay the same act of kindness. The person behind you has no idea your order was paid for. It was a gift given to you to do what YOU want to do with. It’s a pretty incredible opportunity to receive. So don’t assume the negative like it’s the rich helping the rich, or that your buying the order for a bad person, or that the person that gifted you doesn’t already help the homeless and give to charity. Negativity freezes us in opportunity. Assume positive intent and let your light shine through to pay it forward. I promise you it will be worth it.


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