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The more you attempt….the easier it gets.

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Saint Patty’s Day

If you’re wondering what to cook or what activities to do with the kiddos my Pinterest Board “St. Patrick’s Day” is where you should look! Check it out HERE! There are recipes that cover everything from the traditional meals to sandwiches, dips, and pizzas. The desserts are deee-licious and there are even recipes for punches, shakes, and coffees. And yes cocktails are included.  Some recipes are even for vegan lovers! For the kids there are jokes for lunch boxes, printable activities, classroom gifts, and other crafts, snacks, and projects. Have fun celebrating St. Patrick and the luck of the Irish!

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Check out what has to say about the ways dogs make humans healthier!

Check out more from 

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50 Shades of Soft Porn

I wrote this lil diddy several weeks ago but didn’t publish it because I haven’t read any of the books nor have I seen the movie. Not because I am “anti”. It’s more because I don’t really like to read and because movie plans fell through. Just being honest. I felt like I should at least see the movie (before publishing) in case I needed to change any of my thought processes. Then, I came across Russell Brand’s take on 50 Shades of Grey and I realized this dude and I are basically thinking the same thing.  So, I am going to go ahead and give my POV without seeing or reading 50 Shades of Grey because it is truly an interesting phenomenon.

The first thing that is obvious to me is that 50 Shades of Grey is porn.  It’s “soft porn”, but its porn. It’s fascinating to me that women I talk to see the movie as a “love story”. It may be a “love story”; but it’s a soft core porn “love story”. The Notebook is a freaking love story….see the difference? And let’s be honest if Christian Grey was a guy in a trailer park this would be a plot for a CSI episode. Any who; all summer I saw women by the pool and on the beach and in mom’s groups talking about the books and the plot. Telling me I really need to read the books. Most in disbelief that I hadn’t read the books. And offering their books if I wanted to borrow them. Some expressed points on how their sex lives had gotten so much better due to the books. And that their husbands were having some of the best nights of their lives. Some husbands didn’t even know that their wives were reading the books. All these occurrences are intriguing because most did not see what they were participating in; which was soft core porn. I found it funny, because most of these women that were openly talking 50 Shades of Grey would not talk porn. Anytime women would offer their books to me I couldn’t help but think of adolescent kids finding porn mags and trading them or bringing them to friends to check out the sexual stimuli that can be found on the pages. I felt like I was the only one making the realistic connection with 50 Shades of Grey and the porn industry.

When I would hear these viewpoints that women would tell I would begin to wonder if they had ever heard of the term “fluffer”.  A fluffer is a person in the porn industry who gets the actor/actress erect or ready for his/her scene to have sex.  The book and the movie is a take home fluffer. It is literally feeding people’s brains to send off chemicals to fire up their sex organs to get ready to have sex. I imagined seeing porn mags instead of the hardcover books in the hands of these women and listening to them talk about the images on a certain page versus the “love story” and it made me giggle. Because they wouldn’t do such a thing as that. That meaning talk porn. You’r not going to see a Hustler porn magazine tucked in a handbag, diaper bag, or pool bag. But a 50 Shades of Grey softcover could easily be peeking out at you. Can you imagine standing in line at Starbucks and the chick on the couch is reading a Playboy?! Now replay that scene and imagine the chick reading a 50 Shades of Grey….seems more socially acceptable. Because it is….now. Even though the Playboy is the same damn thing as the 50 Shades of Grey! Both pieces of media fire off chemicals in your brain to rev up your physical response to sex. Images start flowing through your mind to set the stage for your next sexual encounter. It’s soft core porn.

Another interesting idea is that people are going in very large groups to watch 50 Shades of Grey in a movie theatre setting. Think about that. Would you go with a group to a movie theatre to watch a porn film? Some people who saw 50 Shades of Grey in a group setting haven’t even ever been inside a strip club or an adult toy store! But they feel comfortable going to watch 50 Shades of Grey (a soft core porn film) with a bunch of strangers. Who knows what the people around were thinking in their minds or feeling in their nether regions while watching the movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if their was some secret petting happening during the movie in some of those seats. Some couples probably left the theater and couldn’t even hold back the hormones. There is no telling what went on during the drive home for some people. I just think individuals aren’t fully aware of what they are doing, what it is actually called, and what that means for our fellow man. I have to be honest. Media pulled a fast one on society with this 50 Shades of Grey sexual chemistry storm.

Now let me be clear. I am not boycotting 50 Shades of Grey nor do I think your bad if you have participated in the 50 Shades of Grey title wave. You can keep reading the books, buying the products, watching the movie, and keep having some of the greatest nights of your life. Just know what you’r doing and call “a duck a duck”. Don’t let media fool you. Check out Russell Brand’s video at the bottom because he hits up the societal side and the spiritual side of the topic of porn. It’s just great knowledge to be fully aware of.

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Yes, Stay At Home Moms “Work”

As a full time stay at home mom I have to admit I work my tail off. And I’m rarely at home!! I don’t even know why stay at home is a part of my job description for crying out loud. Through the past 7.5 years of staying at home I’ve had phrases and questions thrown at me from women such as:

A) Women like you don’t work!

B) When are you going to go back to work?

C) So, what do you do all day?

D) Some of us have to go to work now.

E) I’d tell your daughter I was coming back from work; but she probably wouldn’t understand.

Sounds pretty intense to hear right? When I get hit with these words I can’t help but wonder where is this ideology coming from? Ignorance, jealousy, self righteousness, or just actual innocence of not knowing what stay at home moms do. I’m going to believe that it’s the later guess because I’m going to assume positive intent. Mainly because if it’s the first 3 then that is just going against their own species, and not really showing that sisterhood love we need to give one another. I think it’s interesting that if someone partakes in home”work”, “working” out at the gym, volunteer “work”, missionary “work”, or “working” for wages. Then by damned that’s working. But if you stay at home that is not work.

Well, I’m here to reassure you that being a stay at home mom is work and is undervalued. If stay at home moms got paid we would gross over $100,000.00/year depending on the economy! That’s huge! We clock in sometimes over a 90 hour work week.

Now, working moms take on two shifts. The “paid” shift and the “unpaid” shift. The paid shift meaning the job they earn wages at, the unpaid shift meaning when they come home and they are full on mom. When I was in college I read the book “The Second Shift”. This book is a game changer for mentality and I highly recommend it as a must read. You can find it here. I also want to say that I see working moms in just as a high regard as I see stay at home moms. We are both working our tails off to handle life, the hours we work, and the curve balls that are thrown at us. When I saw the latest Similac commercial I was slapped in the face when I heard the term “part time mom” come out of the stay at home mom’s mouth. I thought to myself does this term actually exist and is it used against working mothers?! If it is, it needs to stop! The bashing needs to end from both sides. We are all working. Whether you are getting paid for it or not! Enough is enough. Support one another. Don’t tear each other down. Get educated with what each niche does for their children and celebrate that person’s path.

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Money Saving Tips For Lent

Check out these tips that will save your benji’s from going bye bye during Lent. 

Stop expensive habits to save yourself some benji’s! For example cigarettes can be a huge money pit within a budget. Cut it out and save your lungs and or health!

Don’t buy anything you don’t need. Impulse buying can rack up a receipt quick. Get in and get out when it comes to shopping. Stick to your list and don’t wander around aimlessly “looking” around. If you look you will find. Also stay out of stores you know you are impulsive in.

Save your house from clutter and organize! Why not get organized?! It’s good for the mind and body. You’ve got time to do a big project; so take your time and enjoy it. Tackle room to room; and maintain the habit of organization. I’ve got great tips on my Pinterest board “Save The Mess and Organize” you can see here.

While on the topic of organization…..if you’r already organized like a pro or want to begin to organize; donate, sell, or toss items during this Lenten period. You can easily snag an opportunity to de clutter, give to people in need or make some benji’s back! 

Refrain from eating out. Just thinking of this bums me; but what makes me happy is the savings I’ll earn through the process! There are so many recipes available and cooking apps that there isn’t a reason that this money challenge can’t be done. My Pinterest board “Save Benji’s and Cook” has some great ideas! Check out my board here.

Be Aware of daily deals within your area. Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local are awesome!! Signup for their email blasts and check out the savings.

No purchases on credit card/s. It’s self explanatory and will reduce your debt. You know who you are if this challenge is for you.

Instead of movie theatre tickets rent from home. The movies can be a fifty dollar or more ordeal. It’s a season to go without the big screen. Pocket the benji’s and enjoy the payoff. 

Start a weekly budget meeting with yourself, partner, or family. Get on track, plan, and head towards savings. Keep up with your weekly meeting after the season is over with. This is a strong habit to stay consistent with.

What’s cool about the season of Lent is that it lasts just long enough to allow you time to either make or break a habit. So, seize the opportunity to start something beneficial for yourself and your journey of faith. 

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“She Just Hit Him Over The Head With A Bible!!!!”

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