Yes, Stay At Home Moms “Work”

As a full time stay at home mom I have to admit I work my tail off. And I’m rarely at home!! I don’t even know why stay at home is a part of my job description for crying out loud. Through the past 7.5 years of staying at home I’ve had phrases and questions thrown at me from women such as:

A) Women like you don’t work!

B) When are you going to go back to work?

C) So, what do you do all day?

D) Some of us have to go to work now.

E) I’d tell your daughter I was coming back from work; but she probably wouldn’t understand.

Sounds pretty intense to hear right? When I get hit with these words I can’t help but wonder where is this ideology coming from? Ignorance, jealousy, self righteousness, or just actual innocence of not knowing what stay at home moms do. I’m going to believe that it’s the later guess because I’m going to assume positive intent. Mainly because if it’s the first 3 then that is just going against their own species, and not really showing that sisterhood love we need to give one another. I think it’s interesting that if someone partakes in home”work”, “working” out at the gym, volunteer “work”, missionary “work”, or “working” for wages. Then by damned that’s working. But if you stay at home that is not work.

Well, I’m here to reassure you that being a stay at home mom is work and is undervalued. If stay at home moms got paid we would gross over $100,000.00/year depending on the economy! That’s huge! We clock in sometimes over a 90 hour work week.

Now, working moms take on two shifts. The “paid” shift and the “unpaid” shift. The paid shift meaning the job they earn wages at, the unpaid shift meaning when they come home and they are full on mom. When I was in college I read the book “The Second Shift”. This book is a game changer for mentality and I highly recommend it as a must read. You can find it here. I also want to say that I see working moms in just as a high regard as I see stay at home moms. We are both working our tails off to handle life, the hours we work, and the curve balls that are thrown at us. When I saw the latest Similac commercial I was slapped in the face when I heard the term “part time mom” come out of the stay at home mom’s mouth. I thought to myself does this term actually exist and is it used against working mothers?! If it is, it needs to stop! The bashing needs to end from both sides. We are all working. Whether you are getting paid for it or not! Enough is enough. Support one another. Don’t tear each other down. Get educated with what each niche does for their children and celebrate that person’s path.

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