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Resurrection Garden

This was really fun to make for the entire family. The only thing I had to buy was a small terra cotta pot for the “tomb” and some fake flowers; both I got from Walmart. Everything else I had in my craft box, kitchen, or found outside. 


Instead of the green “moss” ribbon you could do real grass, moss from a tree outside, or whatever you want to decorate with. The sky is literally the limit. I choose to make a resurrection garden that wasn’t real because I wanted a decoration that could stay made for every year. It’s definitely a tradition I want to implement each year and then have one in each child’s room or even gift our garden to someone. 



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Saint Patty’s Day

If you’re wondering what to cook or what activities to do with the kiddos my Pinterest Board “St. Patrick’s Day” is where you should look! Check it out HERE! There are recipes that cover everything from the traditional meals to sandwiches, dips, and pizzas. The desserts are deee-licious and there are even recipes for punches, shakes, and coffees. And yes cocktails are included.  Some recipes are even for vegan lovers! For the kids there are jokes for lunch boxes, printable activities, classroom gifts, and other crafts, snacks, and projects. Have fun celebrating St. Patrick and the luck of the Irish!

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Wa Wa Water


**** Check out this AMAZING board in Pinterest with some kick ass infused water recipes!! Click here ****


**** Buzzfeed brings us another cool video on water tricks ****


**** Mama Ot shares some great ideas for a water sensory table. Check them out here ****


**** Amazing water charities can be found here.   Read more on the water straw from the Water is Life charity ****





**** WATER HUMOR ****

holy water













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DIY “Glamglow” Face Mud Mask

Awesome DIY from The Twisted Horn!!
Check it out here.

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A Veggie Growing Cheat Sheet


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Homemade Energy Drink

Homemade Energy Drink

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DIY Your Valentine’s Day And Save

Create your Valentine’s Day gift and #SaveBenjis !!

View on Path

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NYE 2013

I decided to take the bull by the horns this past NYE and make it a fun one with the kids. After kids New Years Eve became one of those celebrations that would give me the grumpies. You can’t dress up because you have no where to go because you can’t find a sitter because who the hell wants to watch a bunch of kids on New Years Eve?! Soooo, I flipped my mindset and made the last night of 2013 awesome! Momma got to dress up and Daddy loved it! We had crab cakes from Maryland for dinner and the kids had their choice (Chick-fil-A). We popped champagne, shot off fireworks, did goal setting, had activities to countdown to midnight, and did a balloon drop to celebrate the New Year coming in. We even turned our Christmas tree into a New Years Eve tree. The kids loved every minute of the evening and it has definitely become a NYE (with kids) tradition in the Saving Benji household.

NEW YEARS EVE TREE: I used NYE party hats, crowns, and horns we already had.


I put a disco ball in the kitchen; and that puppy will be hanging up there as long as we keep dancin’ in the kitchen!


I bought six balloons and put inside each balloon an activity written down on paper. Every hour, on the hour during countdown the kids took turns popping their balloon of choice; and doing the activity inside.



We planted a seed:

I painted the kids faces

DIY NOISE MAKER: Once again I used what we had around the house; bells, ribbon, and chopsticks.


GOAL SETTING: Why NOT throw some glitter on those goals for 2014?!! Plus, it was definitely fun to hear what the kids had to say.





These activities were great because it kept time speeding by, and involved all of us. The kids made it to 11:15 and asked if we could do the countdown early, so into the balloon drop room we went. Counted down from ten at the top of our lungs and enjoyed the balloons and sparkles raining down; and yes the clean up was worth it.

FYI: I first tacked the tablecloth to the ceiling to secure until it was time. When the kids were ready I switched the thumbtacks to tape. We just happened to have a large decorative candy cane on hand from Christmas, so I used it to hook a side of the tablecloth. I pulled and they all fell down.


After the balloon drop we had a slumber party in the living room. The kids were out in 7 seconds, and my hubby and I high fived one another into 2014.


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Makin’ Babies

This project is cheap, fun, and easy. Plus the kids love it!! We do this fun lil diddy around Christmas to make a baby Jesus. All you need is:
1. Rice
2. Sock
3. Suntan colored knee high
4. Rubber bands
5. Sharpies
6. Dishcloth
7. Twine/ribbon (optional)
8. Tiny rubber bands (optional)
First fill the sock with rice TOE DOWN. Fill the sock up with rice until the “foot part” of the sock meets the “ankle part”.

Now you need to tie a knot. Next get a sharpie and draw a face on your rice baby. Grab a knee high and insert the rice filled sock TOE DOWN into the knee high. This will give the sock a flesh tone effect. Now make a “head” for the rice baby and rubber band the doll at the neck area. Next grab the scissors and cut off the material at the bottom of the sock. Cut off the material a little past the knot. Once you are done cutting, take the sock material and turn it into a hat for the rice baby. You can grab a tiny rubber band and rubber band the tip of the leftover sock to give it the look of a tiny beanie. Next take a washcloth and use that as a blankie for the doll. A piece of ribbon/yarn can be used to tie the washcloth together! Enjoy!!!












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Thanksgiving Dirt Cake

I have always wanted to make a dirt cake because I love Oreos and so do the kiddos. I wanted to incorporate a Thanksgiving theme into the cake! I envisioned turkeys on the top of the “dirt” eating worms. I was kinda stressing about how I was going to make these turkeys because I am not a food artist…lol. Then I thought to myself, I wonder if there is a site that has free printables that I could find and print off some turkeys. Well that’s just what I found!!! You can check out the site for yourself. Here’s a picture of the one I printed


The recipe I ended up choosing from online came from Taste of Home. It was simple and yummy! If you haven’t made a “Dirt Cake” yet I highly recommend it! They are fun and delish!


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