Save Your Health

Check out what has to say about the ways dogs make humans healthier!

Check out more from 

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Money Saving Tips For Lent

Check out these tips that will save your benji’s from going bye bye during Lent. 

Stop expensive habits to save yourself some benji’s! For example cigarettes can be a huge money pit within a budget. Cut it out and save your lungs and or health!

Don’t buy anything you don’t need. Impulse buying can rack up a receipt quick. Get in and get out when it comes to shopping. Stick to your list and don’t wander around aimlessly “looking” around. If you look you will find. Also stay out of stores you know you are impulsive in.

Save your house from clutter and organize! Why not get organized?! It’s good for the mind and body. You’ve got time to do a big project; so take your time and enjoy it. Tackle room to room; and maintain the habit of organization. I’ve got great tips on my Pinterest board “Save The Mess and Organize” you can see here.

While on the topic of organization…..if you’r already organized like a pro or want to begin to organize; donate, sell, or toss items during this Lenten period. You can easily snag an opportunity to de clutter, give to people in need or make some benji’s back! 

Refrain from eating out. Just thinking of this bums me; but what makes me happy is the savings I’ll earn through the process! There are so many recipes available and cooking apps that there isn’t a reason that this money challenge can’t be done. My Pinterest board “Save Benji’s and Cook” has some great ideas! Check out my board here.

Be Aware of daily deals within your area. Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local are awesome!! Signup for their email blasts and check out the savings.

No purchases on credit card/s. It’s self explanatory and will reduce your debt. You know who you are if this challenge is for you.

Instead of movie theatre tickets rent from home. The movies can be a fifty dollar or more ordeal. It’s a season to go without the big screen. Pocket the benji’s and enjoy the payoff. 

Start a weekly budget meeting with yourself, partner, or family. Get on track, plan, and head towards savings. Keep up with your weekly meeting after the season is over with. This is a strong habit to stay consistent with.

What’s cool about the season of Lent is that it lasts just long enough to allow you time to either make or break a habit. So, seize the opportunity to start something beneficial for yourself and your journey of faith. 

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Wash Yo Hands 

I help lead my daughter’s Girl Scout troop and yesterday I had the privilege to conduct their meeting.  One area in our meeting was talking about preventing the spread of disease.  I decided to have the girls wash their hands to demonstrate a way to prevent the spread of germs.  They lined up at the sink in the clubhouse and one by one I watched them wash their hands.  It was eye opening to see how many girls didn’t really know how to wash their hands.  I had a few that had to restart the process and I had to teach them the correct way.  With that being said; if you have kiddos carve out 5 minutes out of your day and ask them to wash their hands in front of you.  Check to make sure they are taking their time, rubbing the soap all over the hands, and not pumping the liquid soap out only to allow it to flow out of their cupped hands into the sink.  With all the yucky viruses going around this season.  And the fact that the flu shot sucked donkey this year.  We need to be proactive as a community for our health.  So, take a few moments and check out their hand washing.  It could save you a trip to the doctor’s office and save you some benji’s in the process.

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A Veggie Growing Cheat Sheet


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The Gray

I’ve been going gray for about a year now. Ha! Gray….more like white! Some of my hair strands look straight up like Rogue’s hair from X-Men. Any-who, I naturally blamed this age process on my kids. I mean who else could be blamed for turning my hair white other than them!

Then I decided to become responsible with my question and look it up. Thank goodness for this lovely article from Kids Health! It’s short, sweet, and to the point; and now I know it’s my Dad and Mom’s fault instead of my little darlings 😉

I learned that genetics will start the graying process, but then the rest is up to me, to keep the graying off the fast track. Another reason to live as stress free as possible, so these guys don’t take over too fast 😉

There were two other articles I read as well over this process. So, if you really want to get educated, here’s what The Library of Congress site says, and another one from Sometimes it’s nice to just freshen up on some science knowledge….ya dig?

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In honor of Movember…..

Check out the “why” here, behind some of the ‘staches you see.
It truly is a great cause and if I could I WOULD!!!
What do you think….. handle bars instead?


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30 Foods You’ll Never Have To Buy Again

Yummmmy!! These are all great DIY recipes! Cut that spending!! Read here:

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Dear 16 Year Old Me

Don’t be afraid, be aware. Please watch here and share. #SaveYourHealth

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Rituals To Reach Your Potential

I am in love with the simplicity in these rituals!! Please read here to install these rituals into your life! I personally can’t wait to get these implemented. What are some rituals you’d like to share that help you reach your potential?

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Awesome Shelf Life Tool

This site will definitely be bookmarked! Love how all you have to do is type the food in and viola! Information received!

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