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Im Going To Make You Think

Do you believe public shaming is good for the soul? If your answer is yes; then please understand the rest of this post may ruffle up your tail feathers a bit.  Im hoping that I make some parents out there think, before they publicly humiliate their child. Before I go any further; please understand I am a HARDCORE disciplinarian. I do believe in tough love, consequences, and growing children to their God given potential. I am absolutely against parents posting pictures of their children with a sign in their hands saying what they did wrong.  It causes nothing but more pain, humiliation, and teaches the child how to really bully.  When a child acts out they need love, discipline, and guidance.  NOT a how to guide to create more destruction within themselves and our world.  I’ve seen kids holding signs for stealing, smoking pot, bullying, sneaking out, getting drunk, you name it and I’ve seen it.  These parents who are putting their child’s bad choices out there for the world to see blows my mind.  First rule of the internet is whatever you put out there you need to have it ready to follow you FOREVER. So why in the world would you make something negative follow your child FOREVER?!  Instead of making the discipline public; give the child a life changing experience that will empower them, create greatness, and change their world.  Have them volunteer at soup kitchens or wherever for a month or two or three, sell their most prized possession and have them donate the money to a charity of their choice, let them take their toys to an orphanage, work with Habitat For Humanity and build a house together as a family, make them write a paper, take them on a journey so they have a chance to understand their blessings and talents.  Let them be a part of their healing and growth.  Get creative with these life lessons.  Allow them to be public with their faults on their time.  Allow them to choose when it’s a safe and supportive environment to come out publicly with their struggles.  This can create healing and eventually allow them to share their testimony of change.  These kids are our future. Grow them to be great!  Bring them back into the “nest” and love them hard.  Talk to them and find out why they are hurting and creating distruction.  The answer may be pretty damn simple.  The problem may be coming from home or an outside source….figure it out!  It’s your job!  If you disagree with me completely thats ok, but I do challenge you to make a sign of one of your faults and post it online for your networks to see.  Can you imagine if adults were made to do this?  Example of signs we would see could be:  “Im addicted to porn”,  “I cheat on my spouse”,  “I gambled all our money away”,  “I don’t pay child support”,  “I do cocaine occasionally”,  “I punch holes through walls because I can’t control my temper”, “I vomit my food back up”.  You get the drift.  Some people could be ruined from their sign because it is a judgmental tough world out there.  I am a broken individual, with many areas to work on.  If I’m not perfect then why would I throw stones at my child for not being perfect?  Never forget the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Let’s stop cyber and publicly bulling our kids.  I’ve messed up plenty with my children. Some mess ups have been so large, I have fallen on my knees crying, begging them for forgiveness.  Not once have my children thrown me under the bus for my mistakes.  If anything their forgiveness empowers me to gain control of my faults.  That emotional reaction will be a two way street if you get down to the root cause.  Show love not hate; even if it’s not easy…..and trust me I understand it’s not easy sometimes; but the highroad NEVER is.


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Love the painted dominoes!!


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How To Be Creative At Work


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