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Lesson Learned


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Yo Teach!

After I got done reading “Stop The Bashing” this writing bubbled up……

    I get the main course of her article; which is quit bashing. I’m all for that!! I’m also all for education, and a damn good one.  I wish every human on the planet had the privilege to become educated.  I also believe teaching is a calling.  Having parents in education I remember their day to day grind and it is no joke.  I remember thinking (in my freshman year of college) there is no way I’m getting a degree in education because the time and money in my opinion didn’t balance out.  I can NOT imagine public education, private education, hybrid education, or homeschool education not existing; that would be horrifying for our country, our world,  and our people!  With that being said the author needs to understand she took on a “calling” that sits in a HOT seat.  When you make a choice to sit in a hot seat you need to get ready for the bashers because they are coming regardless.  I have private schooled, homeschooled, and this year we are doing a hybrid approach (half homeschool and half private school).  EVERY choice I make someone has something to say about it ranging from “bless your heart” to “you must be scared of public school” to  “you’r bubbling your child”.  I’ve realized to thicken my armor because anything that’s worth it is not easy.  People who don’t want to sit in the hot seat usually are the loudest.  I’ve literally learned to silence those people because they are not worth it.  Those people don’t fully understand what this author does in her classroom, nor what I do in mine; but yet this type of person wants to judge us, give us their opinion, and make sarcastic comments that at times can cut to the bone.  It’s not needed and unwanted.  There is also an air among parents and teachers too; lets not lie about it.  I met it full force when I enrolled my child into the private sector then met it again with homeschooling.  I would of thought teachers, family, and friends would be thrilled my child was getting an education no matter what sector my kiddo was in.  That hasn’t been the case though in my experience.  Teachers and parents need to come together from all institutions.  The public, private, and homeschool sectors.  Because, yes; we are all in this together!  Instead of looking at each other and trying to figure out who has it better, and which sector of education will create the most successful human being; let’s just chalk it up to the fact that we are all teachers (degreed in education or not); teaching students towards success.  Let’s unite and come together and realize all teachers are somewhere in the balance of feeling exhausted to elated about their calling.  As teachers we need to keep ourselves lifted up and encouraged because teachers are imperative to the human race.  We also need to understand there is a difference in each sector.  That’s why the difference exists; and that is ok!  Who cares if someone private schools due to their religion.  That is their right!  That is what makes this country a good place to reside in….choices.  If a family wants to send their child to public school; fantastic!  Private sectors and homeschool groups should support public school without any snippets containing a scary ass public school statistic.  If someone wants to post a reason why they homeschool then fine!  Let the homeschoolers unite.  You never know if that post will reach a parent that wants to homeschool but has some fears.  Possibly through that post the parent can find courage and contact the homeschooling parent with their questions to help fulfill their child’s needs.  There is nothing wrong with that.  If classroom teachers want to spread their Pinterest love all over their classroom and post pics then thats sounds fine with me!  Let’s get pumped up about school!  Show off those amazing classrooms and encourage other teachers to do the same….even the teachers at home!  We don’t have to use our differences to tear each sector a part.  Let’s use these differences for the greater good.  Just because someone posts about their world does NOT mean they are against your world.  Teachers and parents take a hot seat in education regardless of what side of the fence they sit on.  It’s damned if we do and damned if we don’t.  We need to work on respecting each other’s choices and opinions.  We don’t have to attach a negative feeling to a word such as “public school”, “private school”, or “homeschool”.  By doing that we are creating a disservice to our fellow teacher, friend, or parent.  It’s ok to gather information and make a decision based on your best interest; but don’t bash.  So, remember this: if you a working part in the teacher/parent/student learning process, and feel your booty getting warm……then pay attention to the why. You will probably realize it’s because you are doing something you were called to do.  So follow your calling and create greatness.  Have a marvelous school year and remember to play nice on the playground.


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Unconditional Ease of Being

Wow! This article is beautiful! Definitely gave me insights I will be applying. Please read here:

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Overcome Laziness

Orchestra To-Do is a great app to use in life to better organize and boost productivity!

Plus check out the article below on some tips to beating the “L” word.


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Being Vulnerable


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The top 5 mistakes of unsuccessful leaders


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The 12 Toughest Challenges Of Leadership


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Self Made Scholar


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Friendship: The Unsinkable Ship


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