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Naughty Naughty Hair

Easy and simple way to do your hair!! Take 2 pieces of hair and knot them twice. Then rubber band. Yep! It’s truly that simple. 



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Paying It Forward

I saw an interesting post the other day about some thoughts on receiving a gift of a paid order, while in the Starbucks drive thru. The majority thought it was a pointless idea and if you are going to give; it needed to be to a charity or the homeless. Some thought it was the rich giving to the rich. One thought was even based on a great point; which was, what if your buying the coffee for a serial killer and you have no idea. There was also discussion of guilt that was brought up; meaning when their order was paid for they felt like they had to pay for the order behind them. These thought processes have really great points and made me realize there are probably way more than these 20 something people that felt the same way. Since I was definitely the minority in the thread I wanted to broaden my perspective on the Starbucks drive thru giving process.

1. Let’s look at it with positive intent. It’s a random act of kindness; so be thankful and roll with it…..literally; roll right out the drive thru with your free order.

2. Do NOT feel angry that your order was just paid for and feel like you HAVE to pay for the person behind you. You have options.
A) take the gift and have a great day.
B) pay for the person behind you; meaning the partial order or the full order.
C) pay the random act of kindness back in a different way; which in my opinion is where this ripple effect can get cool.

3. Take charge of your opportunity to now pay it forward (here’s the cool part). Instead of buying the person behind you coffee you can do some of these examples
A) send a random text of encouragement to a friend.
B) hold open a door for someone.
C) if you see someone drop something go to pick it up.
D) if your in a parking lot and see a piece of trash blowing in the wind pick it up and throw it away.
E) donate your time and or money to a charity your passionate about.
F) put a card in the mail to a friend or family member.
G) if you see someone struggling help them.
H) make grace bags for the homeless.
I) take a sick friend supper.

The sky is the limit. The point of the exercise is to ignite an area within you that sparks a want to pay it forward. You don’t have to repay the same act of kindness. The person behind you has no idea your order was paid for. It was a gift given to you to do what YOU want to do with. It’s a pretty incredible opportunity to receive. So don’t assume the negative like it’s the rich helping the rich, or that your buying the order for a bad person, or that the person that gifted you doesn’t already help the homeless and give to charity. Negativity freezes us in opportunity. Assume positive intent and let your light shine through to pay it forward. I promise you it will be worth it.


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Even The People In Your House Need Mail…..From You

I don’t care what age the person is people love getting mail. I’m not talking about bills or mail outs. I’m talking about mail from a close friend, loved one, spouse, etc. You know the kind of mail that just makes you grin from ear to ear?! Since I am aware of this fun fact; I needn’t not forget about my peeps I live with. Usually I’ll do cards and place them in a spot my receiver will run into; but every once in a while I will mail them something. Sounds silly I guess; but it works. It makes them smile every time. Today I used my Red Stamp App and placed an order to have a picture card mailed out for each family member. I love Red Stamp because I save time and money with this application!!! Can’t wait to see their faces when they open their envelopes! You should try it….it will work for you too 😉


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NYE 2013

I decided to take the bull by the horns this past NYE and make it a fun one with the kids. After kids New Years Eve became one of those celebrations that would give me the grumpies. You can’t dress up because you have no where to go because you can’t find a sitter because who the hell wants to watch a bunch of kids on New Years Eve?! Soooo, I flipped my mindset and made the last night of 2013 awesome! Momma got to dress up and Daddy loved it! We had crab cakes from Maryland for dinner and the kids had their choice (Chick-fil-A). We popped champagne, shot off fireworks, did goal setting, had activities to countdown to midnight, and did a balloon drop to celebrate the New Year coming in. We even turned our Christmas tree into a New Years Eve tree. The kids loved every minute of the evening and it has definitely become a NYE (with kids) tradition in the Saving Benji household.

NEW YEARS EVE TREE: I used NYE party hats, crowns, and horns we already had.


I put a disco ball in the kitchen; and that puppy will be hanging up there as long as we keep dancin’ in the kitchen!


I bought six balloons and put inside each balloon an activity written down on paper. Every hour, on the hour during countdown the kids took turns popping their balloon of choice; and doing the activity inside.



We planted a seed:

I painted the kids faces

DIY NOISE MAKER: Once again I used what we had around the house; bells, ribbon, and chopsticks.


GOAL SETTING: Why NOT throw some glitter on those goals for 2014?!! Plus, it was definitely fun to hear what the kids had to say.





These activities were great because it kept time speeding by, and involved all of us. The kids made it to 11:15 and asked if we could do the countdown early, so into the balloon drop room we went. Counted down from ten at the top of our lungs and enjoyed the balloons and sparkles raining down; and yes the clean up was worth it.

FYI: I first tacked the tablecloth to the ceiling to secure until it was time. When the kids were ready I switched the thumbtacks to tape. We just happened to have a large decorative candy cane on hand from Christmas, so I used it to hook a side of the tablecloth. I pulled and they all fell down.


After the balloon drop we had a slumber party in the living room. The kids were out in 7 seconds, and my hubby and I high fived one another into 2014.


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No Cost Summer Boredom Busters

This Momma from: For The Love Of Shorties, has got it going on with the boredom buster ideas for summer!! I adore her “Camp Mom” theme, and her ideas!! Check them out here!!! My girls and I will definitely be implementing some of these ideas into our day TODAY! Ideas I’m going to use are…… Ice cream in a bag, Park Week, lawn art ( here’s a link to the Pink and Green Momma’s blog that will show you how), play photographer/videographer, and story time in a unique place. So far we’ve had a great frugal summer! We’ve run through sprinklers, shot off fireworks, baked yummy treats, had waterpaloozas in the backyard, done play dates, been to the museums, gone to the movies, taken tractor rides, gotten drenched at the splash pads, had scavenger hunts, made playdough, been to bounce houses, gone to the library, taken walks, played soccer, eaten snoballs, visited grandparents, watched parades, attend free yoga at our YMCA, swim in the pool, attended birthday parties, and rested! All entertainment decisions have been uncostly and fun!! I didn’t sign anyone up for camps to save money. I’ve been allowing myself to be a kid again and we are just having fun 😉


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7 Days Of Love

This idea is great! Especially since you can also make the daily affirmations not only for a significant other, but change it to a friendship/family context. Check it out here!


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20 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Love these repurpose ideas! Look here:

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Cool and Unique Wedding Ideas

These Ideas Rock!

Image: Studio Castillero

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Save Space in Bedrooms and Living Areas

Great Ways To Save Space:

Image From: Kate Mathis

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How To Be Creative At Work


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