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Reality Into Rules

I may be a little silly with myself for having this rule; but it helps me to NOT have baskets of clean laundry around. I’m really good at washing clothes I’m just not good at putting up clothes 😳. So here’s my rule that I try not to break. 

Laundry Rule Número Uno: Do not start a new load of laundry until the first load is put up. 

What an obvious idea to go by! But my laundry process was consistently in baskets until I made this idea a “rule” with myself. It just makes life run a little more smoothly. Thought I’d share in case anyone else needed to make this reality a “rule” too. 


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Martha Stewart T-shirt Fold!!

Oh its an oldie but a goodie….and a must learn. Why, you ask?  To save a little time,  save yourself from a mess, AND become organized in your folding! 😉


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Give Your Laundry A Quick Shake To See If Its Dry

Great Laundry Tip:


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Wash And Save On Money


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