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Money Saving Tips For Lent

Check out these tips that will save your benji’s from going bye bye during Lent. 

Stop expensive habits to save yourself some benji’s! For example cigarettes can be a huge money pit within a budget. Cut it out and save your lungs and or health!

Don’t buy anything you don’t need. Impulse buying can rack up a receipt quick. Get in and get out when it comes to shopping. Stick to your list and don’t wander around aimlessly “looking” around. If you look you will find. Also stay out of stores you know you are impulsive in.

Save your house from clutter and organize! Why not get organized?! It’s good for the mind and body. You’ve got time to do a big project; so take your time and enjoy it. Tackle room to room; and maintain the habit of organization. I’ve got great tips on my Pinterest board “Save The Mess and Organize” you can see here.

While on the topic of organization…..if you’r already organized like a pro or want to begin to organize; donate, sell, or toss items during this Lenten period. You can easily snag an opportunity to de clutter, give to people in need or make some benji’s back! 

Refrain from eating out. Just thinking of this bums me; but what makes me happy is the savings I’ll earn through the process! There are so many recipes available and cooking apps that there isn’t a reason that this money challenge can’t be done. My Pinterest board “Save Benji’s and Cook” has some great ideas! Check out my board here.

Be Aware of daily deals within your area. Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local are awesome!! Signup for their email blasts and check out the savings.

No purchases on credit card/s. It’s self explanatory and will reduce your debt. You know who you are if this challenge is for you.

Instead of movie theatre tickets rent from home. The movies can be a fifty dollar or more ordeal. It’s a season to go without the big screen. Pocket the benji’s and enjoy the payoff. 

Start a weekly budget meeting with yourself, partner, or family. Get on track, plan, and head towards savings. Keep up with your weekly meeting after the season is over with. This is a strong habit to stay consistent with.

What’s cool about the season of Lent is that it lasts just long enough to allow you time to either make or break a habit. So, seize the opportunity to start something beneficial for yourself and your journey of faith. 

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Ahhhhhh! Where The Heck Is My _________?!?!?!

I saw this hilarious GIF the other day that I want to share with you.

Immediately I start cracking the hell up because I can totally relate.  We all misplace stuff.  Then my brain wonders over to a conversation I had with my kiddo about how to help her stop misplacing so many items each day.  I told her to pick a spot to return her item to and designate it to go there.    She looked at me like I was trying to build another rule into her day.  So, this Momma took to the internet to prove her point.  Thank goodness for Google. That search led me to  They have a great article over not losing things with some freaking hilarious adult humor.  Since my audience had kid ears I only shared what I needed….validation.  Which came in the form of this one glorious bullet point: 

“*Designate a plate or dish as the official wallet holder, and use this to hold the things you use daily (watch, keys, wallet…).”

“Oooooohhhhhh!” she says.  “I can do that…no problem.”

“Terriffic” I say.

Now do yourself a favor and have fun with this quick read.  It will even tell you how to not lose a hottie’s number….and that was some pretty important information back in my glory days 😉  Click here and Enjoy!




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Martha Stewart T-shirt Fold!!

Oh its an oldie but a goodie….and a must learn. Why, you ask?  To save a little time,  save yourself from a mess, AND become organized in your folding! 😉


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Less Stress


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More Hacks Ahhhhhhh!

Read here and become cooler instantly! 😉

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Lifehacks For Parents….Sign Me Up

Love these hacks! My top 3….1)using a pool noodle as a door stopper, no more slamming of the doors 2) repurposing a DVD case as an art case and 3) Monster spray to get rid if any monsters that may be under the bed or in the closet! Check out all the hacks here and let me know what your favs are or add to this list of genius ideas!!!!

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Lifehacks ROCK

My favorite HAS to be how they teach you how to separate egg yolks!!! What’s yours?

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20 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Love these repurpose ideas! Look here:

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Planning a One of A Kind Birthday

Great Reminders:

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Organize a Workplace Money Lunch to Create and Reinforce Good Financial Habits

Take your lunch to work and save your Benji’s!

Image From: Lifehacker

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