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Paying It Forward

I saw an interesting post the other day about some thoughts on receiving a gift of a paid order, while in the Starbucks drive thru. The majority thought it was a pointless idea and if you are going to give; it needed to be to a charity or the homeless. Some thought it was the rich giving to the rich. One thought was even based on a great point; which was, what if your buying the coffee for a serial killer and you have no idea. There was also discussion of guilt that was brought up; meaning when their order was paid for they felt like they had to pay for the order behind them. These thought processes have really great points and made me realize there are probably way more than these 20 something people that felt the same way. Since I was definitely the minority in the thread I wanted to broaden my perspective on the Starbucks drive thru giving process.

1. Let’s look at it with positive intent. It’s a random act of kindness; so be thankful and roll with it…..literally; roll right out the drive thru with your free order.

2. Do NOT feel angry that your order was just paid for and feel like you HAVE to pay for the person behind you. You have options.
A) take the gift and have a great day.
B) pay for the person behind you; meaning the partial order or the full order.
C) pay the random act of kindness back in a different way; which in my opinion is where this ripple effect can get cool.

3. Take charge of your opportunity to now pay it forward (here’s the cool part). Instead of buying the person behind you coffee you can do some of these examples
A) send a random text of encouragement to a friend.
B) hold open a door for someone.
C) if you see someone drop something go to pick it up.
D) if your in a parking lot and see a piece of trash blowing in the wind pick it up and throw it away.
E) donate your time and or money to a charity your passionate about.
F) put a card in the mail to a friend or family member.
G) if you see someone struggling help them.
H) make grace bags for the homeless.
I) take a sick friend supper.

The sky is the limit. The point of the exercise is to ignite an area within you that sparks a want to pay it forward. You don’t have to repay the same act of kindness. The person behind you has no idea your order was paid for. It was a gift given to you to do what YOU want to do with. It’s a pretty incredible opportunity to receive. So don’t assume the negative like it’s the rich helping the rich, or that your buying the order for a bad person, or that the person that gifted you doesn’t already help the homeless and give to charity. Negativity freezes us in opportunity. Assume positive intent and let your light shine through to pay it forward. I promise you it will be worth it.


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Charm City

Have you ever had the chance to pay it forward? The concept is beautiful! While in Baltimore, Maryland for my daughter’s 5th birthday we had the pleasure of encountering a beautiful soul, while out at my daughter’s birthday lunch. There was an older couple sitting in the booth behind us, and they overheard she was celebrating her 5th birthday. They got up to leave after finishing their lunch and walked to our table. She said to my daughter, “Is today your birthday”? My daughter answered with pure enthusiasm “Yes!”. She then asked, “Are you turning 5?”. Again another enthusiastic “yes mam!”. She looked at me and said, “I have a gift for the birthday girl if you don’t mind”. “Not at all” I replied. She then pulled out a five dollar bill and handed it to my daughter and said, “A dollar for each year”. My husband and I sat their in disbelief! Tears welled up in my eyes because, this lady, a complete stranger just gave my child five dollars for each year of her precious life! Her gesture of kindness penetrated my soul and marked me with the quest to pay it forward. I haven’t run into any newly five year olds out celebrating, but when I do go through the Starbucks drive thru I decide to pay it forward sometimes, by paying for the car behind me. It feels amazing to make a random unexpected act of kindness. I challenge you to do the same, because the feeling you will receive back through your kind act will renew you in a way words can’t describe. Now get out there and make that feeling happen! ❤

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