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Naughty Naughty Hair

Easy and simple way to do your hair!! Take 2 pieces of hair and knot them twice. Then rubber band. Yep! It’s truly that simple. 



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Ahhhhhh! Where The Heck Is My _________?!?!?!

I saw this hilarious GIF the other day that I want to share with you.

Immediately I start cracking the hell up because I can totally relate.  We all misplace stuff.  Then my brain wonders over to a conversation I had with my kiddo about how to help her stop misplacing so many items each day.  I told her to pick a spot to return her item to and designate it to go there.    She looked at me like I was trying to build another rule into her day.  So, this Momma took to the internet to prove her point.  Thank goodness for Google. That search led me to  They have a great article over not losing things with some freaking hilarious adult humor.  Since my audience had kid ears I only shared what I needed….validation.  Which came in the form of this one glorious bullet point: 

“*Designate a plate or dish as the official wallet holder, and use this to hold the things you use daily (watch, keys, wallet…).”

“Oooooohhhhhh!” she says.  “I can do that…no problem.”

“Terriffic” I say.

Now do yourself a favor and have fun with this quick read.  It will even tell you how to not lose a hottie’s number….and that was some pretty important information back in my glory days 😉  Click here and Enjoy!




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Even The People In Your House Need Mail…..From You

I don’t care what age the person is people love getting mail. I’m not talking about bills or mail outs. I’m talking about mail from a close friend, loved one, spouse, etc. You know the kind of mail that just makes you grin from ear to ear?! Since I am aware of this fun fact; I needn’t not forget about my peeps I live with. Usually I’ll do cards and place them in a spot my receiver will run into; but every once in a while I will mail them something. Sounds silly I guess; but it works. It makes them smile every time. Today I used my Red Stamp App and placed an order to have a picture card mailed out for each family member. I love Red Stamp because I save time and money with this application!!! Can’t wait to see their faces when they open their envelopes! You should try it….it will work for you too 😉


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Martha Stewart T-shirt Fold!!

Oh its an oldie but a goodie….and a must learn. Why, you ask?  To save a little time,  save yourself from a mess, AND become organized in your folding! 😉


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“Strapped for Time? 4 Quirky Ways You Can Find Time to Leverage Social Media”

I completely heart all this information in Rohan Ayyar’s article.. The applications he mentions are amazing when it comes to leveraging time. I personally will be downloading IFTTT and Buffer to better my online skills! Enjoy this read….it’s a good one!!!!

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More Hacks Ahhhhhhh!

Read here and become cooler instantly! 😉

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Lifehacks For Parents….Sign Me Up

Love these hacks! My top 3….1)using a pool noodle as a door stopper, no more slamming of the doors 2) repurposing a DVD case as an art case and 3) Monster spray to get rid if any monsters that may be under the bed or in the closet! Check out all the hacks here and let me know what your favs are or add to this list of genius ideas!!!!

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Lifehacks ROCK

My favorite HAS to be how they teach you how to separate egg yolks!!! What’s yours?

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Quick Dinner Clean-up Checklist


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