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Wa Wa Water


**** Check out this AMAZING board in Pinterest with some kick ass infused water recipes!! Click here ****


**** Buzzfeed brings us another cool video on water tricks ****


**** Mama Ot shares some great ideas for a water sensory table. Check them out here ****


**** Amazing water charities can be found here.   Read more on the water straw from the Water is Life charity ****





**** WATER HUMOR ****

holy water













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Damn My Dyscalculia

Woke my daughter up at 6:30 this morning to go back to school today, from her Christmas break. I’m running the morning school routine like a boss; in the kitchen making coffee, breakfast, packing snacks, water, and school lunches. Reminding my daughter of her time, and counting down the minutes until we go upstairs to get dressed. I begin to hear tiny footsteps walking down the stairs and I know it’s our three year old, who will need her “mulk” (milk) and fruit bar. I get that handled, turn on the movie “How To Train Your Dragon” and the school routine is in full effect. Then, in walks the man of the house. He says, “the calendar says she goes back to school tomorrow”. I snap back, “it’s wrong”. Then I find my own private corner in the house (out of embarrassment), check my calendar on my phone secretly; and what do ya know?!!! She goes back to school tomorrow!!!! Then reality hits me. I just woke my 5 and 3 year old up at 6:30 in the morning for no friggin reason. With my dyscalculia I can’t memorize dates at all….EVER, and that’s just the half of it! The upside to this situation is her uniforms are washed and her snack, water, and lunch are packed and ready to go for tomorrow. The downside is I didn’t look at my calendar like I need to do EVERY Sunday night to prepare for the week, so I woke up my little blue eyes from their sweet slumber. Having dyscalculia hasn’t been easy, but it’s manageable when I can remember to manage it…😣. In 2014 I’m definitely going to make my management of my dyscalculia a priority. It’s hard for me to want to face my dyscalculia because it has caused me so much anguish, tears, and embarrassment. It’s tough because it’s not a disability that can be seen. People just think I’m not on-top of my game, or I’m not trying, or I’m just a few colors short of the crayon box; but now I’m going to gain my control and confidence back. I’m going to face and embrace my dyscalculia; and own it completely. I’m going to learn to love this little disability; and learn how this thorn in my side can improve my life. There’s always a silver lining….sometimes you just have to flip the script.

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The Gray

I’ve been going gray for about a year now. Ha! Gray….more like white! Some of my hair strands look straight up like Rogue’s hair from X-Men. Any-who, I naturally blamed this age process on my kids. I mean who else could be blamed for turning my hair white other than them!

Then I decided to become responsible with my question and look it up. Thank goodness for this lovely article from Kids Health! It’s short, sweet, and to the point; and now I know it’s my Dad and Mom’s fault instead of my little darlings 😉

I learned that genetics will start the graying process, but then the rest is up to me, to keep the graying off the fast track. Another reason to live as stress free as possible, so these guys don’t take over too fast 😉

There were two other articles I read as well over this process. So, if you really want to get educated, here’s what The Library of Congress site says, and another one from Sometimes it’s nice to just freshen up on some science knowledge….ya dig?

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5 Superpowers We All Had as Babies (According to Science)


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My fav. Is the caffeine crystal. Amazing colors!!


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25 At-Home Science Experiments


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How to make a Naked Egg


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Here’s A Neat Demonstration Of Liquid Densities


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